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Lois Karukuru Valedictory Speech

The end of 2016 brought with it many celebrations at Sunrise Bethel Christian School in Papua New Guinea. One of these was the graduation of several students who had journeyed with us throughout their education. Lois Karukuru (Pictured Right) was one of the very first enrolments we ever had at Sunrise Bethel and it has been such a blessing to see her grow into all that God has created her to be. Lois made the Valedictory Speech at her graduation and spoke very highly of her time as part of the International Sunrise Family.

Lois Karukuru – Valedictory Speech 1st December 2016

Good afternoon. I would firstly like to welcome Mr Golding, members of the board, parents, guardians and my fellow students.

My name is Lois Karukuru. It is an honour to stand before you this afternoon on behalf of my fellow graduates.

As you can see, seated before you are the First Grade Eight Graduates of Sunrise Bethel Christian School.

~ Sunrise, a journey that we will never forget. Some of us have been here since the beginning (14 to be exact) while the others joined in the years that followed.

Every year a new student joins us and we all get very excited, but at the same time sad because we lose important friends.

We all have learned something from being here at Sunrise. We have especially learned in Devotions that the growth of our spiritual life in the word of God is absolutely IMPORTANT.

Also in Devotions theres always a lot of singing. The class itself loves singing. It sounds so amazing when Goli, Cammy, and Lucy put their voices together and when Paul joins along with the rest of the class, it almost sounds like a perfectly tuned guitar.

We have also learned a lot in the educational side of learning, like in PD, when we were asked to cook something or like going to the Aquatic Centre for swimming lessons. That unfortunately was the moment of truth, to see who could actually swim and who couldnt! Those times will always be treasured.

This class is family. A FAMILY whose bond cannot be broken by a mere discretion by someone because in the end love always prevails, and that is something we will always remember.

We will always be grateful for what Sunrise has done for us. This year the class came up with a saying, “ONCE A SUN-IAN, ALWAYS A SUN-IAN!”. We will never forget Sunrise Bethel Christian School. It will always remain in our hearts. THANKYOU!!!!!!

– by Lois Karukuru

Lois is now studying Grade 9 at St Charles Lwanga Secondary School.  As a broader school and Christian family, we pray the very best for Lois and her graduating class as they endeavour into all that God has for them.

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Sunrise Bethel Christian School
Sunrise Bethel Christian School

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