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Together We Shine

Community Life

A positive focus on community is an integral part of our school and the school life. It is a reflection of how Jesus taught us to live: by loving Him and by loving one another and caring for all. 

Your son or daughter will be guided towards helping those less fortunate, with the chance to engage with community groups and agencies, and, in the process, develop a more holistic view of the world. By building authentic relationships with the society around us, we can all grow together.  

We also warmly welcome the involvement of parents and families in our school community. This may be through regular participation in school programmes, helping out at key events, or by taking part in parents’ groups.

The school understands, however, that many parents are unable to invest a great deal of time in school activities, but may be able to help out in other ways, and we are always happy to chat with families about how they can contribute to the Sunrise school community.

Parent groups

Each of our campuses benefits from a strong and active community of parents and loved ones. Your support helps campuses welcome new families and helps new families feel part of the Sunrise Christian School community from day-one. Parent groups are also involved in organising events and activities that draw families closer and enrich the fabric of our school.

Spotlight Magazine

With so much happening around the various campuses throughout the year, it is often difficult for parents to keep track of the achievements, events and updates from our community. To this end, twice yearly, we produce a 'Spotlight Magazine', showcasing recent activities, celebrating student accomplishments and highlighting important information about our campuses, our school and our community.

School App

Everyone recognises the need for parents to quickly access the latest school information, and the most efficient way to do this is via a dedicated school app. We currently use the School Stream app, which has been specifically designed to keep parents in touch with vital school communication that’s relevant to you and your family.

To access the app, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Contact your campus Office Administrator to receive your campus password.
  2. Download the SchoolStream app from the App Store, Google Play or by clicking here.
  3. Find and select your campus & Click on ‘Update App’
    All the school information you need should now be at your fingertips.