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Welcome to our Early Learning Centre

Developing life long learners from the age of 3.

The first 5 years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. These years provide the foundation that shape your child’s emotional, physical, social and spiritual development. Sunrise Christian School Early Learning Centres provide an inspiring environment that helps to create trust and security, which turns into confidence as your child grows.

Our desire is to be an extension of your home, partnering with you to provide continuity of care for your child and family.

Our faith based culture underpins everything that we do. We begin each day with devotions and capitalise on every opportunity to teach children about the wonders of God.

It is so exciting to see faith developed as the children explore and expand their understandings of God and His world.

Not only do our experienced and qualified early childhood educators take a holistic approach to your child’s learning, we see it as an opportunity to invest in your child’s well-being and future.

Due to our unique programme and our Centres being on Sunrise Christian School gounds, our ELCs provide a smooth transition into Reception.

We would love to meet you and assist you however we can in making a decision for your child and with the enrolment process.

Important Information

Service Information

We run under a Long Day Care model, open for 48 weeks of the year, 5 days a week. Please contact the school for more information regarding times and the opportunity to visit one of our Centres. We would love to meet you and sit down to discuss further any questions you may have.

Fee Information

The Sunrise ELCs are registered for government rebates based on your individual eligibility. Please follow the link below to see our affordable fee schedule and contact us if you require any further clarification.

Enrolment Information

We understand that this is not only a challenging time to let your child go into someone else's care, but it is also a difficult process in navigating the necessary forms for enrolment. We would love to assist you in this area, and are happy to sit down and help you fill out all the government and ELC forms required. Please contact us and we can organise a time to go through it with you.

Our Learning Programme

It’s a whole lot a fun which leads to a whole lot of learning! Our curriculum is based on the Australian Standards of the Early Years Learning Framework in which we facilitate enquiry, play-based learning guided by your child’s interests. We partner with families and children from the age of 3 to 5 providing a strong transition programme for those moving into Reception by developing their pre-literacy skills and awareness. 

Our children are encouraged to use non-verbal and verbal communication through various forms. Artistic, musical and sensory experiences provide opportunities for non-verbal expression. Verbal communication is developed through group games, stories, social interactions, activities and language games.

We work with children during their time in the ELC to ensure that they leave us with developmentally appropriate skills in making and maintaining friendships, social and emotional resilience, and the knowledge of who they were created to be. They are carefully guided in the essential life skills of negotiation, problem solving, compromise, and dealing with the occasional disappointment.

We use a programme called Program Achieve to support these themes, introducing the children to characters that exemplify the character qualities that we are fostering, these are: Gabby Get-Along, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organised, Connie Confidence and Ricky Resilient. This five character learning programme is unique to our ELC and is used in Sunrise Christian School’s Reception classes, giving your child a head start in school. All our Centres run a readiness for school programme for Preschoolers to provide your children with the essential skills and competence to assist them when starting Reception.






As part of the Early Childhood programme at Sunrise Early Learning Centres, we run Playgroups during the school terms. Our Playgroups are for families who have children from birth to 5 years old and are an opportunity to build community between families and foster nurturing relationships between parents and children. On the surface the recipe is simple. Families from both the Sunrise community and the broader local community. A gold coin donation. Different themed activities such as those that develop fine motor skills or focus on literacy through songs. And of course, a fruit platter for everyone to enjoy. These come together to create something that is really quite special.

Above all, our Playgroups focus on cultivating the relationship between the child and parent. At Sunrise we believe that parents are the first educators, and therefore our programme aims to empower these relationships. Our activities always consider the interactions and trust that is built between the parent and child and also whether it can be replicated simply at home. For new families it is also an opportunity to get to know the Sunrise community by meeting the staff and other parents. It also allows an opportunity for children to become familiar with the environment and provides a smooth transition into ELC. Playgroups currently run at all Sunrise Christian School locations – please contact your local school for more information on days and times. 

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From the ELC, Continue Your Journey with

Sunrise Christian School to Year 10

Sunrise Christian School offers the perfect opportunity for your child’s on-ongoing development. Our Bible-based curriculum and school philosophy which believes in partnering with families in educating your child continues into Reception, and all the way through till graduating Year 12.

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