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Together We Shine


Our Bible-based curriculum has been developed over the last three decades to produce a quality cyclic approach using traditional methods of education in conjunction with the latest in best-practice teaching.

Sunrise Christian School approaches all areas of learning – as set in the Australian Curriculum – through a Biblical lens, with the aim of successfully educating your son or daughter to achieve personal excellence and the leadership attributes to help fulfil their destiny. We aim to continuously improve and maintain the best in teaching and learning practices and opportunities for the development of your child.

Every student is given the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary for the transition to secondary and tertiary education and achieve their true potential in the wider world.

At the core of our philosophy is the understanding that faith is inherent in every aspect of life. Therefore, we do not teach ‘Bible’ or ‘Christian Studies’ as a separate subject. To do so is to imply that faith is separate to the rest of life.

Instead, the school’s morning starts with class devotions, or an assembly where the truth of the Bible will be explored and the relevance of it, discussed. Subject lessons bring opportunities to draw attention to the character of God, or to expound the intricacies of His creation. And finally, the school day concludes with reflection time and opportunities for thanksgiving.

We encourage our teachers to be a collaborative extension of your home and make the most of those ‘teachable moments’: to train and reinforce right behaviour; to honour and glorify God; and to instil a healthy and rounded world view.

Early Learning Centre

In 2020 Sunrise Christian School Fullarton will be launched its very own ELC providing an Early Learning framework that prepares children for their transition to school and beyond, by developing a love of learning. We do this through a faith-based culture, nurturing environment and biblical world view that underpins everything that we do.

Our ELC has qualified and highly experienced staff who have a passion for caring and educating children as well as a purpose built facility on our school grounds at Fullarton.

Come in for a coffee and chat, we would love to meet you and show your around our Centre.


As part of the Early Childhood programme at Sunrise Christian School Fullarton, we run fortnightly Playgroups. Our Playgroups are for families who have children from birth to 5 years old and are an opportunity to build community between families and foster nurturing relationships between parents and children. On the surface the recipe is simple. Families from both the Sunrise community and the broader local community. A gold coin donation. Different themed activities such as those that develop fine motor skills or focus on literacy through songs. And of course, a free fruit and cheese platter for everyone to enjoy. These come together to create something that is really quite special.


Above all, our Playgroups focus on cultivating the relationship between the child and parent. At Sunrise we believe that parents are the first educators, and therefore our programme aims to empower these relationships. Our activities always consider the interactions and trust that is built between the parent and child and also whether it can be replicated simply at home. For new families it is also an opportunity to get to know the Sunrise community by meeting the staff and other parents. It also allows an opportunity for children to become familiar with the environment and provides a smooth transition into ELC.

Playgroups are every Tuesday morning from 9:00 am until 10:30 am, we would love if you joined us.

Junior School

Our Junior School families share a close bond with our committed and caring staff, all of whom invest deeply in your child’s wellbeing. We aim to be an extension of the home, offering faith-based encouragement and support to all Junior School students.

By building Christian character in your son or daughter, we strive to equip them to fulfil their potential, academically, emotionally, socially and physically. Your child will be encouraged to shine and be all who God has made them to be. To build fun and engaging learning environments we have implemented ‘Fun Fridays’. Every second Friday afternoon, with the help of parents and friends, students get to participate in a variety of activities from arts to games and building.

A biblical worldview forms the foundation for rich and diverse learning and allows students to develop enhanced thinking skills and enthusiastically engage in the joys of discovery. Throughout the Junior School programme, students have the opportunity to integrate with our partner school, Temple Christian College, Joining in on activities such as arts, science, technology and camps.

Secondary School Pathway

Through a partnership with Temple Christian College, we are happy to provide your family with a pathway into secondary schooling. Temple Christian College has been educating students from all over Adelaide since 1983, providing an authentic Christian community where all students are encouraged to grow in Character, Service and Influence. Temple has a campus at Mile End, Paralowie and now a new Middle School at Sunrise Christian School Marion.

All students of Sunrise Christian School receive guaranteed entry into middle and senior schooling at Temple Christian College.

Temple aims to provide your child with the opportunity to develop both independent and collaborative learning in the context of a supportive, nurturing environment.  We seek to foster his or her gifts and talents in a way that prepares them to successfully navigate the challenges, and respect the rewards, of life.

For more information on the Temple Marion Secondary School Programme, please visit

The Classroom and Beyond

As well as educating children to pursue excellence in learning within the classroom, we also provide opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. These specialty programs provide diverse learning opportunities for students and ways for families to get involved, ensuring that no one misses out.