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Together We Shine


Our Bible-based curriculum has been developed over the last three decades to produce a quality cyclic approach using traditional methods of education in conjunction with the latest in best-practice teaching.

Sunrise approaches all areas of learning – as set in the Australian Curriculum – through a Biblical lens, with the aim of successfully educating your son or daughter to achieve personal excellence and the leadership attributes to help fulfil their destiny.

Every student is given the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary for the transition to secondary and tertiary education, and achieve their true potential in the wider world.

At the core of our philosophy is the understanding that faith is inherent in every aspect of life. Therefore, we do not teach ‘Bible’ or ‘Christian Studies’ as a separate subject. To do so is to imply that faith is separate to the rest of life.

Instead, the school morning starts with class devotions, or an assembly of praise and teaching, and each day presents further moments for prayer. Subject lessons bring opportunities to draw attention to the character of God, or to expound the intricacies of his creation. And finally, the school day concludes with reflection time and opportunities for thanksgiving.  

We encourage our teachers to be a collaborative extension of your home, and make the most of those ‘teachable moments’: to train and reinforce right behaviour; to honour and glorify God; and to instil a healthy and rounded world view.

Early Learning Centre

Sunrise Christian School Early Learning Centre’s philosophy is to provide a caring, nurturing, and safe environment in which your child is encouraged to reach his or her full and unique potential, and to be a shining beacon in society.

Junior School

Our Junior School families share a close bond with our committed and caring staff, all of whom invest deeply in your child’s wellbeing. We aim to be an extension of the home offering faith-based encouragement and support to all Junior School students.

Middle school

The Middle School Experience at Sunrise Christian School has been designed to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic society. We aim to provide your child with the opportunity to develop both independent and collaborative learning in the context of a supportive, nurturing environment.