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Together We Shine


Meet Mr Henry Engelbrecht

I warmly welcome you to Sunrise Christian School Marion. Thank you for taking the time to seek out our school, we are confident that you will love what you find here.

I am a passionate educator and along with our wonderful staff we aim to provide a warm and welcoming family experience that encourages all our students to achieve their best. Our school provides a diverse learning experience which smoothly transitions them from the Primary School into Middle School.

We are constantly striving to be innovative and progressive, and firmly believe in nurturing children to reveal the best of their God given talents. Supporting them and providing continual opportunities at every stage of their school life.

I would love to invite you to come in for morning tea and the opportunity to get to know us and our school. More than that, we would love to show you how we can partner with your family in the development of your child.

Sunrise Christian School Marion Principal

Our school principal

Vision & values

Sunrise Christian School exists to provide a welcoming, family-oriented and Christ-centered learning environment. In which, generations of social influencers and leaders are inspired, engaged, motivated and empowered in a holistic, Biblically-based manner to develop a love of learning and rise to their full potential. Our school, in close partnership with parents, endeavours to create the greatest opportunities for each child to discover and embrace their God-given talents, and then, apply those gifts to enrich the world and communities we live in.

Sunrise Christian School is called to:

  • Minister to the body of Christ.
  • Be a light to Australia and the nations of the world.
  • Uphold Christian principles.
  • Minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Teach and train children in all aspects of life in such a way that God is seen to be at the centre of everything.
  • Be an extension of the Christian home, fulfilling the God-given mandate for parents to bring up their children in His ways.


Developing Christian Character

A strong emphasis at Sunrise is the development of Christian character. This is achieved through positive modelling, explicit teaching in understanding God’s word, and a dependence on the Holy Spirit. More than ever, it is essential that our children develop a Biblical world-view and an understanding of who they are in Christ as the basis for their self-worth. Esteem based in God allows students to reflect integrity, honesty, tolerance and compassion for others. These qualities allow the students to have the skills, courage and conviction to ‘stand firm’ in the things they believe and be leaders in an increasingly complex society.

Every person in our school community sees Sunrise as an extension of the Christian home. We believe that parents form the foundation of a child’s education, and our role as a school is to build upon that foundation to help you raise your children in the way of the Lord. Our staff seek to train and reinforce right behaviour, to honour and glorify God, and to instil a healthy and rounded world view. Sunrise is widely recognised for providing a place where children, and families, feel they belong: where they know the teachers love and respect them, and are willing to go above and beyond to enable them to learn and grow.


An extension of the home


Building Christian Community

Sunrise isn’t just a school; it is a vibrant Christian community where all have the opportunity to learn and grow together. The important foundation of building Christian community service is encouraged and taught to all our students. We help them to develop good communication skills, the ability to solve problems, and to work in teams in order to equip them with the qualities required for success in their future lives.

Effective teaching and learning is very important at Sunrise, along with academic excellence, we encourage students to develop a servant heart, giving them opportunities to exercise this in their classrooms and in the community. Our dedicated staff, who are all committed to Christ, work together with parents and students to ensure that each child’s learning experience is happy, challenging and successful. We strive to be innovative and progressive in teaching, allowing our children to become all that they have been created to be.


Innovative teaching and learning

History and School Governance

Sunrise Christian School was founded in 1978 as a ministry of Adelaide Christian Centre – (Sturt Street), out of the vision of then Senior Pastor, Ps. Leo Harris.

Pastor Leo’s proposal to begin a Christ-centred school was endorsed by the Elders, and a School Steering Committee was established in 1977 to put plans in place for a Bible-based Christian School. Pastor Leo personally made the first donation to begin the school project, and in 1978, the first Sunrise Christian School opened its doors at the Fullarton Campus.

Since then, the school has expanded to six locations including our school here in Marion.

In 2007, after the Maranatha Christian School had been struggling for some time after a long absence of the Principal due to an illness, Sunrise agreed to help the school community by sending the much-loved Mr. Lee Avery to the campus to stabilize the school. It was agreed that in 2001, Sunrise would take ownership of the school. The school moved from the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) to a more traditional curriculum which saw the school grow significantly over a number of years.

Today, the school’s governance, oversight and spiritual guidance is entrusted to Adelaide Christian Schools, an incorporated association that governs a number of schools including Temple Christian College, Sunrise Christian School, Sunrise Christian School Marion, Discovery Christian College in Queensland, as well as international schools, Sunrise Bethel Christian School, Papua New Guinea and, Faith Christian College South Carolina, USA.