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Beyond the Classroom

Expressive Arts Program

As a school we recognise that students have a wide array of interests and giftings. We endeavour to aid our students in realising these and providing a space for them to develop. One way in which we want to do this is developing an extensive and systematic program for expressive arts here at Sunrise Naracoorte.

Expressive arts consists of the following sub strands; music, visual art, dance, drama and media. Over the course of the middle school years our students will be given opportunity to participate and develop their skills in these subjects.

It is only in recent times that the importance of expressive arts in education has been highlighted.

So, why is it so important?

  • Expressive arts provide students with critical ways of thinking and communicating that provoke creativity, imagination and possibility.
  • In today’s world, tools such as creativity, collaboration and imagination provide us with solutions to our most pressing problems.
  • Within Australian education, there has always been a strong focus on results. The expressive arts show students that they are, and can contribute more to the world than just good academic results.
  • It teaches students empathy. The expressive arts allow students to see human experience through the eyes of other people in a play or through a film. Empathy is increasingly being recognised as a core life skill, and the bedrock for sound relationships and classroom climate.
  • It develops an understanding of what humankind is capable of and broadens students’ horizons beyond their town, friends and family.
    We believe by developing an expressive arts program here in Naracoorte we will go a long way to educating the whole child.

Student Leadership

At Sunrise Naracoorte we aim to foster participation, leadership skills and responsibility through student agency in our Student Representative Council (SRC). Senior students can apply for the position of Head Prefect and other middle school students can apply to be a part of the 9 other prefect positions that make up the student council. The SRC works to represent student voice and initiate projects and change for betterment of the school.

Garden Program

Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte offers a Kitchen Garden program which is unique in the area. The Program is implemented with a whole-school approach, engaging the entire school community whilst integrating with the curriculum.

The program gives students the opportunity to plant, grow, cultivate, harvest and then prepare seasonal vegetables. It emphasises the flavours as well as the health benefits of fresh, seasonal, delicious food. Students are able to create dishes which reflect Australian Dietary Guidelines with the produce they grew themselves. The program empowers Kitchen educators to emphasise balance and moderation and endorse the concept of preparing fruit-based desserts as a ‘sometimes-only’ option.

Our School food education encourages critical thinking, teamwork, an understanding of cause and effect, and increased levels of observation. Students develop life skills in the areas of gardening, cooking, meal preparation, nutrition, healthy habits, hygiene etc.

Community Engagement

At Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte, we place a very high value on integrating with our community, both to be a blessing to others and to give our students the opportunity to grow alongside others. You will find us at the Naracoorte Field Day and regularly making visits to local aged care facilities to present concerts and spend time with the members. As a School, we also aim to develop relationships and help others in need, whether it be through providing a helping hand or a fundraiser to support financial difficulties.

We also warmly welcome the involvement of parents and families in our school community. This may be through regular participation in school programmes, helping out at key events, or by taking part in parent groups.

School Camps

As part of the Primary and Middle School program, students participate in a series of school camps that have been developed as a journey that builds confidence and relationships. These camps are activity based and help students build life skills with a focus on outdoor education. This series starts in Grade 3 with a sleepover at school and progresses each year with camps at Wirraway, Adare and culminating in  a trip to Canberra for the Grade 6 class.

In previous years, our Grade 6 students have had the opportunity to travel to Canberra with other  students from the Sunrise Christian School community. On this investigative camp students get the chance to learn about our nation’s capital and politics. It is a very significant camp that comes at a time where students are preparing to enter middle school.

Middle School camps provide students with the opportunity to learn skills outside of the classroom. While on camp, Middle School students learn about the environment that surrounds them while building relationships with fellow students. At camp, students can set aside the pressures of everyday life and take time to learn more about themselves and pause for personal reflection on their own spiritual beliefs and the role God plays in everyday life.