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Together we shine

Beyond the Classroom

To create an inspiring, well-rounded learning experience, students at every location and in every year level, are offered extra-curricula opportunities in team sports and instrumental tuition.


We provide a range of sports for your child to explore as part of our education programme. Your child may also participate in a number of inter-school events including athletics carnivals and sporting competitions. These competitions also provide an opportunity for students to be selected for state teams and events. Our school wide Aquatics Programme gives students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of swimming and water safety as well as snorkelling, and water sports such as Water Polo.

One of the highlights of the school year at Sunrise is the Upper Primary Sports Day. This is held at the South Australian Athletics Stadium, where students from all six of the Sunrise schools come together for a day of athletic competition and community spirit. Students also love this chance to make new friends across our city and state; friendships that continue through the Sunrise school camps programme.

Music & Dance

Musical tuition is offered at Sunrise Paradise and is run by qualified and skilled teachers, all of whom are passionate about their discipline. Our school also provides opportunities in music and dance for every student, providing a creative way to learn and enjoy life together. These include whole class music lessons and opportunities for students to use their creative gifts performing and leading in our weekly assembly.
A highlight of our year Sunrise Christian School Paradise is our end of year Musical. This is held at Influencers Church where students from every year level put on a show with professional sound, lighting and staging.

Community Engagement

At Sunrise Christian School Paradise we place a very high value on integrating with our community, sharing God’s love with those around us. You will find us engaging with the community and making visits to local aged care facilities to present concerts and spend time with the residents. As a School we have developed strong relationships with missions organisasions to help others in need. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with churches in our local area, supporting and partnering with them in whatever way we can.
We also warmly welcome the involvement of parents and families in our school community. This may be through regular participation in school programmes, helping out at key events, or by taking part in parent groups.

Missional Community

A focus of our education program and community is built around missions and fundraising. Ever since it’s beginnings, Sunrise has sought opportunities to bless and support people in need.

In 2010 Sunrise started a school in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Sunrise Bethel Christian School currently has over 300 students and 35 staff. Each staff member is a national of PNG apart from the principal and her husband, Mrs and Mr Cook.

The Sunrise Schools and community here in South Australia continue to provide ongoing support prayerfully and through fundraising activities each year. Our desire that our student’s genuine generosity radiates from a heart of love and from lives that are blessed. Students recognise that being generous does not just bring joy to those who are the recipients of generosity but also to the giver themselves.

We now also support a second school in PNG, Edai Christian School.

School Camps

As part of the Primary School program students participate in a series of school camps. This is a deliberate sequence of camps, developed as a journey to build confidence and relationships. These camps are activity based and help students build life skills with a focus on outdoor education. The journey starts in Grade 3 with a sleepover at school. Over subsequent years students attend a team building camp at Adare, a farm life and horse-riding camp in Wirraway and finally the culmination: in a trip to Canberra for the graduating class.
These students travel to Canberra with other students from the Sunrise Christian School community. On this investigative camp students get the chance to learn about our nation’s capital and politics. It is a very significant camp that comes at a time where students are preparing to enter middle school.