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Beyond the Classroom

Pedal Prix

Every year our Grade 6/7 students take part in the state Pedal Prix competition. The event brings together more than 160 teams from schools around the state which make up the  competition in Adelaide. The race involves two, six hour legs where teams of students must work together in tag-team, Grand Prix-style racing around the Victoria Park circuit. It is a great team building event which teaches students how to work together to achieve a common goal.

In training as well as at these events, we concentrate on the three R’s – Responsibility, Respect and Relationships. The responsibility to always give your best no matter the circumstances. Respect towards your team mates and competitors, and purposely building relationships with coaches, parents and peers.

Kitchen Garden Programme

Sunrise Christian School Whyalla offers a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation programme which is unique in the area. The programme is implemented with a whole-school approach, engaging the entire school community whilst integrating with the curriculum.

The programme gives students the opportunity to plant, grow, cultivate, harvest and then prepare seasonal vegetables. It emphasises the flavours as well as the health benefits of fresh, seasonal, delicious food. Students are able to create dishes which reflect Australian Dietary Guidelines with the produce they grew themselves. The programme empowers Kitchen educators to emphasise balance and moderation and endorse the concept of preparing fruit-based desserts as a ‘sometimes-only’ option.

Pleasurable food education is designed to be fully integrated into the curriculum and learning framework as it offers infinite possibilities to reinforce literacy, numeracy, science, cultural studies and all aspects of environmental sustainability. It also delivers observable social benefits to all children, including those with special needs.

Our School food education encourages critical thinking, teamwork, an understanding of cause and effect, and increased levels of observation. Students develop life skills in the areas of gardening, cooking, meal preparation, nutrition, healthy habits, hygiene etc.

Barista Training and Café Service

Twice a week at Sunrise, our café opens in the mornings during drop-off times so that coffee can be available for parents. Although this isn’t just any regular café. The Sunrise Café is managed and operated by our very own students who have the opportunity to be trained by a certified Barista trainer. This gives students an opportunity to develop new skills as well as experience in serving customers through the café. On top of that, our families get a hot barista made coffee to drink as they spend time getting to know other parents.

Town Choir and Instrument lessons

Under the tutelage of our very own Mrs. Kirsty Whybrow, Sunrise Christian School Whyalla has partnered with members of our local community to create a new Town School Choir. The Choir was formed in 2017 and during key times involved weekly practice sessions at school, and twice a term, would unite with other schools for combined rehearsals.

In 2017 these rehearsals led to a dynamic concert performance in the Middleback Theatre. The Town Choir gives students and families the opportunity to develop their musical ability, as well as build relationships and connections with other members of our community.

Playgroup Programme

As part of the Early Childhood programme at Sunrise Christian School Whyalla, we run fortnightly Playgroups. Our Playgroups are for families who have children from birth to 5 years old and are an opportunity to build community between families and foster nurturing relationships between parents and children. On the surface the recipe is simple. Families from both the Sunrise community and the broader local community. A gold coin donation. Different themed activities such as those that develop fine motor skills or focus on literacy through songs. And of course, a free fruit and cheese platter for everyone to enjoy. These come together to create something that is really quite special.

Above all, our Playgroups focus on cultivating the relationship between the child and parent. At Sunrise we believe that parents are the first educators, and therefore our programme aims to empower these relationships. Our activities always consider the interactions and trust that is built between the parent and child and also whether it can be replicated simply at home. For new families it is also an opportunity to get to know the Sunrise community by meeting the staff and other parents. It also allows an opportunity for children to become familiar with the environment and provides a smooth transition into ELC.

Grade 6 Canberra Trip

Each year, our Grade 6 students have the opportunity to travel to Canberra with other Middle School students from the Sunrise Christian School community. On this investigative camp students get the chance to learn about our nation’s capital and politics.

Community Engagement

At Sunrise Christian School Whyalla, we place a very high value on integrating with our community, both to be a blessing to others and to give our students the opportunity to grow alongside others. You will find us at the Whyalla Show, engaging with a community Choir and regularly making visits to local aged care facilities to present concerts and spend time with the members. As a School, we also aim to develop relationships and help others in need, whether it be through providing a helping hand or a fundraiser to support financial difficulties.

We also warmly welcome the involvement of parents and families in our school community. This may be through regular participation in school programmes, helping out at key events, or by taking part in parent groups.