Raising Hearts and Minds

Sunrise Christian School educates hearts and minds in wisdom and understanding. We aim to be an extension of the home, teaching a Christ-centred worldview through a Bible-based curriculum with opportunities for practical application.

Sunrise Christian School and ELC exist to provide a welcoming, family-oriented and Christ-centered learning environment. In which, generations of social influencers and disciples of faith are inspired, engaged, motivated, and empowered in a holistic, Biblically-based manner to develop a love of learning and rise to their full potential.

We have six schools and five Early Learning Centres (ELC) in South Australia. Each school and ELC works in close partnership with parents to create the greatest opportunities for each child to discover and embrace their God-given talents and apply them to enrich the world and communities we live in.

Boys reading at the ELC

Each Sunrise school has a Principal and a team of excellent staff to support every student's academic, social, and spiritual needs. While the individual locations are unique, all our Principals warmly invite you to call in for tea or coffee to discuss your and your child’s wishes and needs.

Middle School students develop real-life kitchen skills.

We are constantly striving to be innovative and progressive

As passionate leaders of our school, we firmly believe in nurturing children to reveal the best of their God-given talents by supporting them and providing continual opportunities at every stage of their school life.