From the very first time your family enters a Sunrise Early Learning Centre or Primary School, your child’s full educational pathway is secured all the way through to Year 12*.

Once enrolled, your child and their siblings will have access to a guaranteed position to complete their high school (years 7 to 12) at Temple Christian College.

As part of our Upper Primary Educational and Secondary School Programs, your child will take part in a number of interactive excursions and educational intensives at Temple Christian College.

*For Christian families who submit the Temple Christian College Application for Enrolment Form by the end of Grade 5.

These experiences enable children to:

  • Explore High School while surrounded by the familiarity of their friends and teachers
  • Get excited about new opportunities and possibilities
  • Experience new routines
  • Access specialised facilities and be taught by experienced Middle School teachers
  • Develop new skills in enhanced curriculum areas
  • Approach the schooling changes to come with confidence

Visits are coordinated by Sunrise and hosted by a team of teachers and staff at Temple Christian College. Students from Sunrise Paradise will be transported during the regular school day and actively participate in High/Middle School activities.

Visit the Temple Christian College website for more information about High School.

Temple Christian College Website