From the very first time your family enters a Sunrise Early Learning Centre or Primary School, your child’s full educational pathway is secured all the way through to Year 12* through our sister school, Temple Christian College.

Temple Christian College has been educating students from all over Adelaide since 1983, providing an authentic Christian community where all students are encouraged to grow in Character, Service, and Influence.

Once enrolled, your child and their siblings will have access to a guaranteed place to complete their High School (years 7 to 12) at Temple Christian College.

As part of our Upper Primary Educational and Secondary School Programs, your child will take part in a number of interactive excursions and educational intensives at Temple Christian College.

For Christian families who submit a Temple Christian College Application for Enrolment Form by the end of Grade 5.

These experiences enable children to:

  • Explore High School while surrounded by the familiarity of their friends and teachers
  • Get excited about new opportunities and possibilities
  • Experience new routines
  • Access specialised facilities and be taught by experienced Middle School teachers
  • Develop new skills in enhanced curriculum areas
  • Approach the schooling changes to come with confidence

Visits are coordinated by Sunrise and hosted by a team of teachers and staff at Temple Christian College. Students from Sunrise Fullarton will be transported during the regular school day and actively participate in High/Middle School activities.

Visit the Temple Christian College website for more information about High School.

Temple Christian College Website