Sunrise Christian School exists to provide a welcoming, family-oriented and Christ-centered learning environment. In which generations of social influencers and disciples of faith are inspired, engaged, motivated, and empowered in a holistic, Biblically-based manner to develop a love of learning and rise to their full potential. Our school, in close partnership with parents, endeavours to create the greatest opportunities for each child to discover and embrace their God-given talents, and then, as faithful Christians, apply those gifts to enrich the world and communities we live in.

Sunrise Christian School is called to:

  • Minister to the body of Christ.
  • Be a light to Australia and the nations of the world.
  • Uphold Christian principles.
  • Minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Teach and train children in all aspects of life in such a way that God is seen to be at the centre of everything.
  • Be an extension of the Christian home, fulfilling the God-given mandate for parents to bring up their children in His ways.


  1. Development of Christian character.
  2. Extension of home.
  3. Building Christian community.
  4. Innovative teaching and learning.