Sunrise Christian School Early Learning Centre at Morphett Vale

Our ELC provides an environment that aims to create trust and security, which develops into confidence as your child grows.

Our desire is to be an extension of your home, partnering with you to provide continuity of care for your child and family. This approach puts children and parents at ease when they start at our ELC.

Our faith-based culture underpins everything we do. We begin each day with devotions and capitalise on every opportunity to teach children about the wonders of God.

Seeing faith develops as the children explore and expand their understandings of God and His world is exciting. While Christian faith forms part of our daily activities, this does not exclude non-Christian families from enrolling at our ELC.

Not only do our experienced and qualified early childhood educators take a holistic approach to your child's learning. We see it as an opportunity to invest in your child's well-being and future.

In partnership with Sunrise Christian School, we offer a strong Transition to School Program that prepares children for Reception.

We would love to meet with you and take your family through the enrolment process at our ELC.

ELC Opening Hours

7:30am - 5:30pm

ELC Parent Resources

Two-year-old program at Sunrise Morphett Vale ELC

Sunrise Christian School’s Early Learning Centre at Morphett Vale now offers places for two-year-old children. Our enhanced ELC program and facilities have been specially designed for younger children, and our qualified educators nurture each child on their learning journey through significant milestones. Our team supports each child's developmental needs, setting them up to succeed at ELC.

Two-year-olds join our Pre-Kindy Room and enjoy time with ELC children and specialised small group times focusing on their developmental needs. To facilitate this, we maintain a low student-to-educator ratio to ensure each child receives quality care throughout the day.

Enrolments are open

Once you've had a tour and think Sunrise is the right place for your family, you can start an Application for Enrolment online anytime, day or night! Once the form is finished, we'll reach out to you to finalise your family's enrolment.

Hear from our Executive Director, Ms Jane Broadbent

Sunrise ELC Benefits

When your family joins our ELC, there are some immediate benefits you can access as well as longer term opportunities:

  • A long day care model, open 48 weeks of the year, 5 days a week.
  • Unique play-based programs built on years of experience.
  • Extracurriculars such as language, sport, music and more!
  • Specialised early childhood educators.
  • A strong transition to school program, connecting ELC to Reception*.
  • School buddies - forming relationships with primary students and teachers in the Sunrise community.
  • Room to move and play. We access Sunrise school grounds.
  • Primary and Middle pathways for Christian families to Sunrise Christian Schools.

*To enrol at Sunrise Morphett Vale, families must be part of the Christian faith.

Hear from Sunrise Morphett Vale ELC Parents to learn why Sunrise Morphett Vale parents love our ELC

Join our Playgroup!

We run Nature Playgroups on Thursday at Sunrise Morphett Vale during school terms. Our Playgroups are open to all families who have children from birth to five years old and are an opportunity to build community between families and foster nurturing relationships between parents and children. Different themed activities are offered to families throughout the year. These activities are designed to help children develop abilities such as fine motor skills or literacy through song.

Our Playgroups focus on cultivating the relationship between the child and parent. At Sunrise, we believe that parents are the first educators, and therefore our program aims to empower these relationships. Our activities always consider the interactions and trust that is built between the parent and child and also whether it can be simply replicated at home.

Morphett Vale Playgroup

Thursday - 9:30 - 11:00 am
To book or find out more please call 0406 797 911

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