Sunrise Naracoorte is an exciting Reception to Grade 10 school with a highly academic curriculum supported by Christian values. We aim to bring out the best in every student, whether that be through intellectual achievement or specialised hands-on learning. We focus on character development and life skills through our community electives and Kitchen Garden Program.

We are a Christian School open to all families. Every student is given the opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for the transition to secondary and tertiary education and achieve their true potential in the wider world.

At the core of our philosophy is the understanding that faith is inherent in every aspect of life. Therefore, we do not teach ‘Bible’ or ‘Christian Studies’ as separate subjects. To do so is to imply that faith is separate from the rest of life. Instead, subject lessons bring opportunities to draw attention to the character of God or to expound on the intricacies of His creation. 

Our junior school families share a close bond with our committed and caring staff, all of whom invest deeply in your child’s wellbeing. We aim to be an extension of the home, offering faith-based encouragement and support to all junior school students.

As part of the Primary School Program, students participate in a series of school camps that have been developed as a journey to build confidence and relationships. These camps are activity-based and help students build life skills, with a focus on outdoor education. Camps begin in Grade 3 with a sleepover at school, then culminating in a trip to Canberra in the final year of Primary School.

Bus Service

Our school offers a bus service before and after school. The services run to Lucindale, and a new bus to Penola is now available! For more information regarding the bus route, our policies, and the fees, please get in touch with us.

If you wish to register your child for the use of the school bus services, then a student participation/commitment form must be completed. This form is available from the front office.

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Mid-Year Reception Intake

Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte is excited to introduce the commencement of the Mid-Year Reception Intake. Opting for a Term 3 start for your child comes with many advantages. The Mid-Year Reception Intake can ready your child for school, providing a smooth transition into Grade 1. Ensure a solid start to your child's educational journey with six terms of Reception.

If you're considering enrolling your child mid-year, Sunrise Christian School can help them develop self-confidence in a supportive school environment. Our school provides a nurturing atmosphere that prepares children for the years of schooling.

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Experiences and Activities

Take a look through our some of the exciting experiences Sunrise Naracoorte students engage in each year.

  • Aquatics Program
  • Grandparents Day
  • Chaplain Programs
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Sport's Day
  • Festival of Arts
  • Book Week
  • Camps and Excursions
  • Kitchen Garden Program
  • Charity Events
  • Special Days (e.g. Remembrance Day).