Sunrise Christian School Fullarton

Sunrise Christian School was founded in 1978 as a ministry of Adelaide Christian Centre – (Sturt Street), out of the vision of the Senior Pastor, Ps. Leo Harris.

Pastor Leo’s proposal to begin a Christ-centred school was endorsed by the Elders, and a School Steering Committee was established in 1977 to put plans in place for a Bible-based Christian School. Pastor Leo personally made the first donation to begin the school project, and in 1978, the first Sunrise Christian School opened its doors at Fullarton.

The steering committee got to work and in 1978, the Fullarton School was established (Prep- Grade 8). The fledgling school operated on vitally no finances and the goodwill of many. The school slowly grew and matured over a number of years. The deep commitment of parents to Christian education saw the school thrive without many of the nice things we experience today. The school was furnished with second-hand furniture, books, and resources. School facilities were small but the heart was big. Over the subsequent years, many students travelled as far south as Aldinga and as far north as Ridgehaven to attend Fullarton.

Our ELC caters for 3-5-year-olds.

Our primary school offers Reception to Grade 6.

When choosing a school for your child, you must find a community that will love your child just like you do. An environment that supports your child, grows, and stretches your child, and invests and accepts your child for the precious creation they are! Of course, this is a very important decision and one that often involves many hours of investigating and deliberation. Sunrise at Fullarton has been this community for many families and in partnership with the onsite early learning centre (ELC), offers Christian education from pre-kindy to Grade 6.

Sunrise Christian School Fullarton exists to provide family-oriented and Christ-centred learning environments that inspire hearts and minds to love Christ. From this foundation, children foster authentic Godly relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through acts of service at school and in the wider community.

Sunrise isn’t just a school: it is a vibrant Christian community where all can learn and grow together. Integral to our learning is reflecting how Jesus has taught us to live; by loving Him and by loving one another as we care for all.

Today, the school is led by the principal, Kylie Clark with governance, oversight and spiritual guidance entrusted to Adelaide Christian Schools (ACS), an incorporated association that governs several schools including Temple Christian College, Sunrise Christian School – Whyalla, Adelaide Christian Schools Early Learning Centres, Discovery Christian College, Queensland, as well as international schools, Faith Christian College South Carolina, USA, and Sunrise Bethel and Edai Town Christian Schools in Papua New Guinea.