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A Reception to Grade 10 school

Partnering with families and the community to see every student shine!

At Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte we combine a diverse range of learning opportunities, a warm and welcoming environment, and community events with Biblically based education standards, so your child can shine. The school works closely with the families and the local Naracoorte community to encourage and nurture the child’s ‘heart and character’ in order for each child to individually shine and grow in all they have been created to be. We understand that choosing the right school for your family is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We hope that the information you find here will assure you that by choosing Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte, you’re making the very best decision for you, and your child. By listening to the desires of parents, responding to the diverse needs of our students, and recognising the challenges that modern life presents, Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte has developed a reputation for providing excellence in a Christ-centred education.

We aim to support parents in raising their children in the ways of the Lord in the 21st century. Surrounded by a loving, safe and secure community, our school is also a part of the broader Sunrise Christian School community which has 5 other schools across South Australia.

This network allows for shared resources and teaching standards, so we can provide the highest level of education in Naracoorte. Along with this, it provides families and students the opportunity to be a part of a larger community, to build new relationships and opens doors into future education.

Our foundations and beliefs are firmly centred in the Christian faith. We welcome families from all backgrounds and work with them to provide the support and opportunities so every family can grow together. Our co-curricular activities, which you can find in our ‘Beyond the Classroom’ section, provide a diverse range of learning opportunities for students and families to get involved in.

New Early Learning Centre at Sunrise Naracoorte

We are pleased to announce Sunrise Christian School, Naracoorte will build a new Early Learning Centre (ELC) next door to our existing school.

At Sunrise our desire is to be an extension of your home, partnering with you to provide continuity of care and education for your child and family. Our goals are to ensure that each child reaches their full potential and develops positive attitudes towards their learning.

At Sunrise we support all children on their personal journey of self-discovery to develop their unique abilities and skills through our strong connections with each family, allied health professionals, and specialist teaching staff.

If you would like to learn more or register for our ELC please email us. 

Opportunities for every child.

Our curriculum has been developed to produce the highest standards in education from Reception to Grade 10 and our vast array of Co-curricular activities gives every student the best chance to shine.

Junior Primary

Middle School

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Welcoming families from every background.

Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte places a high value on being a place for everyone to belong. Whether it be through parent groups, our primary school, sporting teams or other opportunities to get involved in school life, we aim to ensure everyone has the opportunity to join in and shine!