Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte

The Naracoorte Christian school was started by members of the surrounding community. The school grew steadily,  but in 2004, the local school could not keep going without support. Mr Kym Golding assisted as a consultant to the school as they navigated the challenges ahead. Kym and Sunrise Christian School supported Naracoorte by providing leadership and helped to negotiate registration with the Non-Government Schools Registration Board. 

As part of the registration process, the Naracoorte Christian School became part of the Sunrise family. The Sunrise Christian School Board voted to bring Naracoorte into Sunrise in 2004.

The school stabilised and, under the care of Ms Anne Dolan, grew steadily to provide a quality education alternative for the community in Naracoorte.

Today, the school is led by the principal, Aaron Haines, with governance, oversight and spiritual guidance entrusted to Adelaide Christian Schools (ACS), an incorporated association that governs several schools including Temple Christian College, Sunrise Christian School – Whyalla, Adelaide Christian Schools Early Learning Centres, Discovery Christian College, Queensland, as well as international schools, Sunrise Bethel and Edai Town Christian Schools in Papua New Guinea.

Sunrise Naracoorte offers Reception to Grade 10.

students holding baby chicks