Sunrise Christian School, Paradise

In partnership with the Paradise AOG Church's Board (now Influencers), Sunrise Christian School created a school in Paradise. In 1989, Sunrise Paradise started with approximately 40 students in transportable classrooms at the rear of the church. The school was filled with committed parents and their efforts built up a flourishing school community. Since then, the school has grown rather rapidly. Most of the transportable buildings are now gone and new facilities continue to build the school's capability in STEM and academics.

Today, the school is led by the principal, Matthew Steadman, with governance, oversight, and spiritual guidance entrusted to Adelaide Christian Schools (ACS), an incorporated association that governs several schools including Temple Christian College, Sunrise Christian School – Whyalla, Adelaide Christian Schools Early Learning Centres, Discovery Christian College, Queensland, as well as international schools, Sunrise Bethel and Edai Town Christian Schools in Papua New Guinea.

Sunrise Paradise is pleased to offer Christian families ELC - Grade 6 with pathways to High School at Temple Christian College at Paralowie or Mile End.